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Arty stuff

TOP- head carved in ash wood, the little dog I recycled out of a worn out jumper.


A couple of chairs I made out of a tree that I had to rermove

Top- horse made of recycled metal.

Top- old worn out jumper meets wooden copy.Bottom-old worn out jumper eats wooden copy

, mushroom made in yew wood, a two piece sculpture set on a slate bed.


Top- owl recycled metal


yew tree made from yew tree

This tree was 160 years old when sadly it had to be taken down

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Tree rings sold as rings or they can be carved,  from 2 foot to over 3 foot they make great rustic table tops or house name plaques.


Steel planter, hand cut holes finnished in auto paint



some pieces can be seen at                            Greenscapes Nursery ,