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Tree stump grinding leeds

Tree stump removal leeds

Stump grinding can be an economical way of removing unwanted  tree stumps and tree roots from your property. I have been removing stumps and rooting systems for nearly 20 years, working for landscapers, gardeners the general public , other tree companies who don't have their own machine  and many building companies needing  removal of  unwanted wood matter so foundations can be laid for building work.


Care needs to be taken when working undergrond amongst water pipes, electric cables and gas pipes. These services are not always as deep in the ground as one may think, sometimes only inches, and tree roots will grow around and even through piping and drains.


The way the stump grinder works is by chipping away at the stump or root  using tungsten tipped steel  teeth mounted on a spinning disc. As the grinder is moved in a sideways motion accross the stump or root it removes a layer, the process is repeated methodically going deeper and deeper GRINDING down the unwanted matter. Generally as the stump grinder works its way down , the overall hole has to become wider to accommodate the sideways movement of the spinning disc. In tight work areas this wiil restrict how deep one can go.


If possible it is sometimes better to dig out stumps, if they are small it is often better to remove stumps and roots the old fasioned way with hand tools.  The reasons can be that it is faster than setting up for a stump grinding operation, but also it could be to prevent  damage being caused to surrounding plants, paving walls etc.and rooting systems of other trees and shrubs that might be growing in the same space. It is always A and B Tree Services Leeds policy to leave parts of a tree stump or root in the ground rather  than risk damaging another plants rooting system.Obviously all options are discussed with the client.


Sometimes a stump maybe so rotten it actually is better to extract manually, the reason I do this is that the  stump grinder will pulverise the wood into dust, which can spread fungi spores and infect  neighbouring ground, the extracted wood should be taken away and destroyed.


I hope this was of some help.

Bob Elliott



Top-- Stump grinding conifer


Bottom-Finished, I only went a foot down due to underground services.

root out 10 root in barrow

These two pictures on the right show the digging out of a stump, all waste will be taken away and destroyed, the stump grinder was used to sever the roots. Hopefully this will help prevent any chance of fungi spreading


finished stumping